Esther Arias trabajando

Esther Arias was born in Jaén (Spain). It was her wish to experiment with color and with the magic of light and shadow that made her venture into the world of paintings. She studied marketing in Madrid and Los Angeles but she soon exchanged the figures for paintbrushes and started off experimenting in the world of paints, which is why one could say about her that she is self-taught and that her work is intuitive. She has been working for 25 years with the idea in her mind that “It is those who look at my paintings who have to adopt them as theirs and invest them with the dreams they inspire”.
She has been working in her workshop Gallery in Barcelona for 12 years and now she is working is her studio in Madrid.
She has held exhibitions in Kopenhagen, Brussels, Berlin, New York, Buenos aires and many cities around Spain.


El sueño de crear

Esther Arias says her painting originates from a need to create and a wish to experiment with colours. Esther started as a decorative artist,but was soon captivated by the magic of light and shade, which made her stand in front of a White canvas and reflecto n it all that her sorroundings suggested. The streets, the landscapes of Spain, the forcé of the sea, the autumn ochres or the multiple colours of spring